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Creative Automation
May 8, 2023
October 26, 2023

10 Reasons Why You Need Creative Automation Tools

Gouri Sasidharan

10 Reasons Why You Need Creative Automation Tools

May 8, 2023
October 26, 2023
Gouri Sasidharan


As a creative professional, do you want to:

Meet tight deadlines?

Produce value-adding campaigns?

Maintain brand consistency without tearing your hair out?

This is where creative automation steps in to support a stress-free advertising strategy for teams.

What is a creative automation tool?

Creative automation software helps marketing and design teams to scale creatives in a high volume without compromising on quality. It also automates repetitive tasks in design, giving more time for the creative team to devise plans for the upcoming campaigns and focus better on the customer experience.

Artwork Flow’s creative automation platform makes the job of the marketing team 10x better. Your marketing materials can not only be scaled but also designed from scratch using pre-defined templates without the help of a professional designer. Yes, even a novice can create competitive designs with it. 

Artwork Flow's intuitive creative studio
Image source: Artwork Flow

Why is creative automation software essential?

No matter how much effort you put into the creation of those ads, the major job comes when you make them live. It is easy to lose a customer rather than win them. So, keep optimizing the design and messaging to drive better customer engagement and results.

Here are 10 specific reasons you need to integrate a creative automation tool with your team’s advertising campaigns.

1. Improve productivity

If you look at a normal day in your marketing team, there would be multiple requirements from different departments that you need to address before the due date. When you work at a pace trying to juggle all your tasks, there are chances you might feel overwhelmed. Automating the production process can save your team from doing repetitive tasks and focus more on strategy and analysis. 

2. Real-time collaboration 

Collaborate with your teammates on any ad creative from any part of the world

Several automation tools have a built-in collaboration feature that streamlines the workflow. Regardless of the time zone, it allows stakeholders to collaborate on the project by editing, commenting, and sharing dynamic feedback on the creative ad.

3. Scale creative content

It is no doubt that creating an article or video or design takes up time and labor. Creative automation tools can easily handle large volumes of work as the business grows by relying less on creative professionals. Even with limited resources, these tools scale creative production and help your brand reach a wider audience while taking over repetitive tasks.

4. Time-saver and cost-effective

Creative automation software can help save a significant amount of time and effort by automating tasks that need fewer skills. For example, you have to create a post for social media, across multiple platforms. Creating variations for each social media platform like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumbler would definitely take up your time. In this case, using a creative automation tool would come in handy as it can create different versions of the creatives in no time. 

By automating tasks, businesses can reduce labor costs and improve efficiency. It also means less time for production where you have to depend on external agencies only for a shorter period, resulting in cost savings.

5. Push creatives quicker

With a shorter production time, you can reach your target audience faster. This way, you can stay ahead of the competition and push content as and when the trends demand it. This would make your brand relevant and build anticipation with the audience about your future campaigns.

6. Better conversion

Creative automation drives more conversions

The higher the conversion rate, the higher the success rate of your ad campaigns. And how do you analyze the results with all the data scattered around? While creative intelligence can analyze millions of data points to find patterns that would work out for your ads, a creative automation tool can help you use data analytics to produce personalized content for your target audience. Through these patterns and suggestions to use the right elements such as logo, background color, and copy for the creatives, you can optimize your content for a better conversion rate.

7. Easy access to content

Automation tools can make creative tasks accessible to people who may not have specialized skills in that area. That is why such software is designed to make the lives of both marketers and designers easier.

As for clients, in a world where we get everything with a single tap, you can create on-demand ad content without sweating over it for days or weeks. For example, your clients might need a set of ads related to a new product they are launching. You can easily create and share them using creative automation software which enables you to create content as per client requirements and their brand guidelines. 

8. A/B testing 

A/B testing shows you which ad can work with your audience better
Image source: Instapage

You need to see which ads perform the best in each campaign. A/B testing is an ideal way to check which ads have more conversion rates. But it can also be time-consuming when you have to keep editing copy and add or remove that extra element in your design. 

With AI-enabled creatives, you can eliminate spending your time and money on them. Not only can you test your Google or Facebook ads, but you can also gain insight into one detail that can enhance the whole ad by aligning with your brand.

You can also use this method to prevent ad fatigue, where your target audience gets fed up with watching the same ads every day. Here, you can tweak the copy or change the thumbnail and test them. This allows you to keep your campaign fresh with creative automation.

9. Eliminate errors

With the amount of work, it is natural to make mistakes in your creatives. But with real-time collaboration built into the creative automation software, you can ease your creative process and get accurate feedback on time to correct errors. This helps to maintain brand consistency and gain the trust of your clients and the target audience. 

10. Easy distribution of content

Creative automation allows you to customize your ads according to the market you are advertising in while keeping your brand consistent. The tool allows you to personalize the content and if needed, test your messaging in regional languages.

How to choose the right platform?

Now that you have learned why creative automation is essential for your advertising strategy, you need to know which platform works best for you and your team. A few of the main factors that you should consider are the type of creative work (whether it is a social media post or an ad banner), features and functionality, ease of use, pricing, user reviews and ratings, customer support, and security and privacy. 

By considering these factors, you can choose the right platform that meets your needs and helps you achieve your creative goals.

Wrapping up

In summary, creative automation tools are necessary for businesses and creative individuals looking to save time, increase productivity, reduce costs, ensure consistency and accuracy, make creative work accessible to non-specialists, and scale their operations.

With more control over your creatives, you can optimize and experiment with them for different campaigns and see how it works for you.

From analyzing to enhancing your Google and Facebook ads, Artwork Flow’s creative automation software can help you bring a higher ROI and maintain consistency for your brand. If you want to learn more, book a demo with our experts.

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