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August 10, 2022
February 12, 2024

26 Beautiful Color Combinations That’ll Inspire Your Next Design

Mrignayni Pandey

26 Beautiful Color Combinations That’ll Inspire Your Next Design

August 10, 2022
February 12, 2024
Mrignayni Pandey


If you want your label and packaging design to leave a great first impression on your customers, then you need to start by choosing the right color combination.

So, let’s learn about the different types of color schemes or color combinations to help you choose colors and look at some of the best color combinations. 

Types Of Color Combinations

The most crucial element in any design is its color combination. With millions of color combinations, both good and bad, it can be confusing to choose the perfect colors for your project. This is where color schemes help. 

Different color schemes and combinations can be used to convey specific messages to your audience or even represent your brand most effectively. You might even come across a specific set of colors on a file or a website. In such an instance, you can use a color extractor to pick out the colors of your choice and include them in your project files.

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But before you can go ahead with your own color combinations, let us first look at some of the more commonly used combinations and what makes them so popular.

Complementary Color Combinations

Source: Hubspot 

Complementary color combinations utilize colors that reside opposite to each other in the color wheel. It provides high contrast and brings out intensity.

Triadic Color Combinations

Source: Hubspot

Like the name suggests, the triadic color scheme uses three colors. The three selected colors are equidistant in the color wheel. It can give your design a balanced look.

Tetradic Color Combinations

Source: Hubspot 

Otherwise called rectangle colors, this color scheme has two complementary color pairs. Thus, it makes a rectangle on the color wheel. This scheme creates vibrant and loud designs. 

Harmonious Color Combinations

Source: Hubspot

A harmonious color scheme or an analogous color scheme uses colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. They have a soothing effect on the eyes.

26 Beautiful Color Combinations For Your Next Design

Here are 26 of the best color combinations to help inspire you:

1. Sailor Blue and Mint

Source: Pixels.com

According to an old adage, blue and green should never be seen without another color in between! 

While this is usually true, there are exceptions to every rule, and the navy and mint combination is one such example of colors that look good together despite the heavy contrast. 

The colors also work particularly well when used in typography as the hues don't overpower each other and offer a balanced contrast.

Hex codes: Mint (#ADEFD1FF), Blue (#00203FFF)

2. Royal Blue and Deep Peach 

Source: Webflow

These two hues form a triadic combination, with the royal blue providing a powerful visual effect that is well balanced by the fun of the peach. This color scheme is perfect for a logo and website because of its contrast. 

Hex codes: Royal Blue (#00539CFF), Peach (#EEA47FFF)

3. Forest Green and Moss Green 

Source: Design Wizard 

This combination won the pantone color of the year in 2017 because it emphasized natural greenery. And it’s your best bet if you want to make your packaging appear more grounded and neutral. 

Hex codes: Forest Green (#2C5F2D), Moss Green (#97BC62FF)

4. Black and Yellow

Source: Collart.app

This is an eye-catching color combination and gives extensive visual contrast. So, if you want your brand to stand out and showcase boldness, this should be your go-to color combination.

Hex codes: Black (#101820FF), Blazing Yellow (#FEE715FF)

5. Sky Blue and White

Source: Webflow

This calm color palette nurtures trust and adds a sense of responsibility. It enhances a tranquil feeling and closely resembles the blue sky, so if your products help enhance relaxation, you can use this color combination. 

Hex codes: Sky Blue (#89ABE3FF), White (#FCF6F5FF)

6. Brown and Beige 

Source: Design Wizard

Another monochromatic scheme, this combination gives warm, earthy vibes and is best suited for creating packaging designs for chocolate and caffeine-based products.

Hex codes: Brown (#A07855FF), Beige (#D4B996FF)

7. Island Green and White

Source: Webflow

Island Green and white is seen as a very down-to-earth color combination that has an association with nature. So, you can use them for eco-friendly product packaging. 

Hex codes: Island Green (#2BAE66FF), White (#FCF6F5FF)

8. Pink and Navy Blue

Source: Design Wizard 

This contrasting yet neutral color combination is great for packaging that involves skincare or beauty products. 

Hex codes: Pink (#FAEBEFFF), Navy Blue (#333D79FF)

9. Bright Red and Yellow

Source: Webflow

An eye-catching color combination ideal for advertising, these colors give a playful and vibrant energy so they can be used to create packaging for kids’ products. 

Hex codes: Bright Red (#F93822FF), Cyber Yellow (#FDD20EFF)

10.  Alabaster white and Silver

Source: Design Wizard

The combination of white and silver is strictly a minimalistic design. Use it if you want a chic, neutral design that screams elegance. 

Hex codes: Alabaster white (#F1F4FFFF), Silver (#A2A2A1FF)

11. Blue and Yellow

Source: Design Wizard 

This color combination gives summer vibes and exuberates excitement and energy. So, you can use it for products like sunscreen that are associated with summer or sunny days. 

Hex codes: Blue Atoll (#00B1D2FF), Vibrant Yellow (#FDDB27FF)

12. Lilac and Lime Green

Source: hgtv.com

This is a retro color scheme and gives off vibes associated with freshness, so it’s a great color combination to use in beauty products. 

Hex codes: Pale Lilac (#E3C9CEFF),  Lime Green (#9FC131FF)

13.  Brown, Tan, and Orange

Source: Webflow

This three-color combination is grounded yet bold. It’s both warm and intense at the same time, which makes it a great choice for beauty products like foundation, compact, etc.

Hex codes: Beige (#DDC3A5), Black-brown (#201E20), and Tan (#E0A96D)

14. Light Purple, Light Green, and Light Blue

Source: Design Wizard

This is a color combination with childlike playful vibes, so it’s best suited for products aimed at children or even toddlers.

Hex codes: Light purple (#D7A9E3FF), Light blue (#8BBEE8FF), and Light green (#A8D5BAFF)

15. Pastel Orange, Peach, and Custard Yellow

Source: Webflow

This is another monochromatic color combination with three colors that look good together. It has comforting summer vibes, so use it to design packaging for similar products. 

Hex codes: Pastel Orange (#FFA351FF), Peach (#FFBE7BFF), and Custard (#EED971FF)

16. Blue, Maroon, and Indigo

Source: Webflow

This is one of the best three-color combinations and is great for disruptive products that’ll change the future. 

Hex codes: Blue #408EC6, Maroon #7A2048, and Indigo #1E2761

17. Red, Yellow, and Blue

Source: Design Wizard

This popular combination has three colors that complement each other perfectly. These colors are great on patterns, so give them a try if your design needs patterns. 

Hex codes: Red (#F65058FF), Yellow (#FBDE44FF), and Navy (#28334AFF)

18. White, Sky Blue, and Pink

Source: Design Wizard

This clean color combination conveys a youthful feeling and is great when it comes to designing for skincare brands. 

Hex codes: White (#FCF6F5FF), Pink Lady (#EDC2D8FF), and Sky Blue (#8ABAD3FF)

19. Mustard, Sage, and Forest Green

Source: Webflow

This earth-toned color palette is best suited for the logo design, web design, product design, and packaging of nature-related brands. 

Hex codes: Mustard (#E3B448), Sage (#CBD18F), and Forest Green (#3A6B35)

20. Windsor Wine, Scarlet Red, and Bright Red

Source: Design Wizard

These colors seem like an unlikely combination but they convey fierceness and grab the attention of the onlooker. This eye-catching color combination is best suited for cosmetics like lipsticks. 

Hex codes: Windsor Wine (#643E46FF), Scarlet (#BA0020FF), and Bright Red (#EE2737FF)

21. Scarlet Red, Light Olive, and Teal

Source: Webflow

This muted and earthy color combination is great for organic products. 

Hex codes: Scarlet (#B85042), Light Olive (#E7E8D1), and Light Teal (#A7BEAE)

22. Brown, Puffin’s Bill, and Green

Source: Design Wizard

This rich and vivid color combination is a symbol of growth and renewal. So, they’re best suited for food and health supplements. 

Hex codes: Puffin’s Bill (#E95C20FF), Green (#006747FF), and Brown (#4F2C1DFF)

23. Sapphire, Light Gray, Cadet Gray, and Silver

Source: Design Wizard

Although this four-color combination doesn’t seem like the best idea because it looks gloomy, they’re best suited for minimalistic brands that don’t want to stand out. 

Hex codes: Sapphire (#2E5266FF), Light Slate Gray (#6E8898FF), Cadet Gray (#9FB1BCFF), and American Silver (#D3D0CBFF)

24. Purple, Lilac, Petunia, and Aubergine Gleam 

Source:  Design Wizard 

Since the palette gives off night-time vibes you can use it to design packages for products suited for night-time use. 

Hex codes: Purple (#93385FFF), Lilac (#9F6B99FF), Petunia (#4F3466FF), and Aubergine Gleam (#301728FF)

25. Dark Green, Light Green, White, and Red

Source: Design Wizard 

You can use this color combination to create a high visual contrast. Top brands like Heineken and Carlsberg advertise using similar color combinations.

Hex codes: Dark Green (#0A5E2AFF), Light Green (#6DAC4FFF), Star White (#EFEFE8FF), and Red (#FE0000FF)

26. White, Light Pink, Pink, and Dark Pink

Source: Design Wizard 

This balanced color combination is great for feminine products that give off a joyful vibe. 

Hex codes: White (#F1F3FFFF), Light Pink (#F7CED7FF), Pink (#F99FC9FF), and Dark Pink (#EF6079FF)

Wrapping Up

Great color combinations are vital because they play an important role in consumer psychology and decide whether a customer picks up a product off your shelf or ignores it. 

Once you pick the right combination, your design process has just begun as you will then need to work with your design team to finalize the right design before ensuring your labels and packaging are compliant with all legal requirements without compromising on your design quality. 

With so many aspects to watch out for, your team will go through a number of file versions before completing your project and it’s always likely some minor elements and details might slip through the cracks. To avoid this, you can always use an online proofing tool that will help you and your team iron out such errors and see your project through to a smooth conclusion! 

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