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November 3, 2022
August 18, 2023

15 Best Packaging Design Websites to Follow to Inspire Your Designs

Mrignayni Pandey

15 Best Packaging Design Websites to Follow to Inspire Your Designs

November 3, 2022
August 18, 2023
Mrignayni Pandey


As a designer, you need loads of inspiration to develop packaging designs that influence consumers to purchase the product. 

In this article, we've listed 15 websites that will give you fresh ideas and help you find unique materials you can incorporate into the design so you can create innovative packaging.

1. The Dieline

The Dieline is a specialized creative platform created with the packaging industry in mind. It was founded by designer Andrew Gibbs in 2007, and it was originally intended to serve as a forum to exchange innovative and creative design ideas through original editorial content and projects contributed by readers. 

Later, the platform expanded to include the Dieline Conference and Dieline Awards, their annual competition for package design. 

Today, it’s one of the most popular packaging design sites in the world, and it helps everyone, from students to consumer brands, to get inspiration to create bespoke designs. 

It has also made sustainability its core focus since 2019, so if you're looking for inspiration to create sustainable packaging, Dieline has you covered. 

Image source: The Dieline

2. Packaging of the World 

Packaging of the World (POTW) began in early 2008 to serve as an inspiration for designers worldwide.

It curates some of the most interesting and creative packaging projects from large global agencies and students. The website's best feature is the ability to narrow down the search and get very specific results. 

For example, you could search for  “America’s Featured wine packaging made from glass in 2022” by selecting Wine, Americas, Featured, Glass and 2022.

Today, the website has become one of the leading  brand packaging design blogs on the internet with more than 20,000 collections and a million impressions. 

Image source: Packaging of the World (POTW)

3. Lovely Packaging by Design Bro

Lovely Packaging by Design Bro is a creative platform that connects designers with high-quality clients around the globe. 

But it also contains curated posts that do a good job of explaining the premise behind each packaging design. This helps designers understand the thought process that went into the design to come up with fresh ideas. 

Image source: Lovely Packaging by Design Bro

4. Packaging Design Archive

Packaging Design Archive catalogs and shares the most innovative packaging design ideas to help designers and students with teaching, research activities, and design competitions. 

Although the website’s user interface is a bit clunky, it helps designers check out designs based on very specific criteria like typography, minimal, sustainable, and more. 

For example, if a designer wants to check out all the designs based on a specific font type like Poppins, they can simply use the “identify by typography” feature to display only the designs that utilize the specific font. 

Image source: The Packaging Design Archive

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is an all-around image search engine and doesn't exclusively focus on packaging design ideas. 

But it's still one of the best places to look for packaging inspiration, as you can click a design and scroll through the page to find similar designs endlessly. 

Image source: Pinterest 

6. Dribble 

Dribble is mostly used by designers to showcase their portfolios. It features everything from website and mobile application user interface designs to packaging designs. 

All you've got to do to find your inspiration is type "packaging designs" in the search bar and look at the designs other designers have created on the website. 

7. Behance 

Behance is well-known as Adobe's design sharing and portfolio service. But you can't overlook its functionality as a great site to find packaging design ideas and inspiration for other design elements  like brand identity, logo design, product design, typography, and more.

With thousands of submissions that have a variety of creative styles, it's a great site to check for additional inspiration. 

Image source: Behance 

8. Brand Experience Packaging (BXP)

Brand Experience Packaging (BXP) covers everything about product packaging design, from the latest trends to shopper insights and creative agencies you should watch out for while designing packaging. 

The packaging design inspiration section has insights into why a brand chose to redesign its packaging and how the new packaging impacts its customers. 

So, it helps you understand packaging psychology and how it impacts purchase decisions to create packaging designs that compel customers to pick up a product off the shelf. 

Image source: Brand Experience Packaging (BXP)

9. Package Inspiration 

Package Inspiration is the best place to find unique package design ideas, as most of its submissions are concept drawings. 

The website also categorizes its designs according to different characteristics so that you can find inspiration for specific features like packaging materials. 

Image source: Package Inspiration

10. Beach Packaging Design 

Beach Packaging Design is a retail branding agency started by designers Deborah Davis and Randy Ludacer. The website was initially a portfolio that showcased all their designs but later, the transformed it into a space that they used to share the most forward designs in packaging and updates on their achievements. 

Since Randy and Davis are veterans in the packaging industry, this website can serve as a great source of learning and inspiration for you. 

Image source: Beach Packaging Design

11. BP&O 

BP&O is a packaging review website that critiques the different types of packaging designed by companies. This is pretty useful if you want to learn which elements you shouldn't add to your packaging. 

Image source: BP&O

12. Packaging Digest 

Packaging Digest is a news website completely dedicated to all the advances in the packaging industry. It helps you gauge packaging trends and discover unique designs and materials you can work with to create stunning package designs. 

Image source: Packaging Digest 

13. Packaging Strategies 

Packaging Strategies  gives you insights on how you can elevate your brand by presenting your package as an expression of your customer’s lifestyle. It does this by giving brand owners, designers, suppliers and marketers the latest information on packaging design by covering topics, trends, and news pertaining to consumer packaged goods.

Image source: Packaging Strategies

14. Printing News (Labels & Packaging)

Printing News (Labels & Packaging) keeps you abreast of the latest technological advances and regulations in packaging to keep your designs cutting edge and compliant with regulatory authorities like the FDA. 

Image source: Printing News 

15. The Inspiration Grid

The Inspiration Grid dives deep into branding, typography, and other design elements, so you can get a glimpse of why the designer incorporated certain elements into the design and use these learnings to create your next packaging design.

Image source:  The Inspiration Grid 

Wrapping Up

It is difficult to develop a packaging design that grabs customers' attention and gets them to purchase the product. 

The 15 websites we've listed above should help inspire your next design idea and create an innovative design.

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