Collaborate smarter with Artwork Flow on

Enhance creative collaboration on your boards with Artwork Flow’s advanced proofing suite. Say it as you see it with contextual comments, loop in the whole team, and drive approval efficiency across the workflow.

Why use Artwork Flow’s integration with

  • Get everyone on the same page with real-time communication.
  • Avoid losing feedback in translation with accurate annotations.
  • Streamline approvals with impactful reviews.


  • Apply brand colors, fonts, and logos directly from your brand guidelines.
  • Search and filter assets with advanced options to find what you need instantly.
  • Upload completed designs directly to your Artwork Flow library.
  • Review 160+ file types — including video — with advanced proofing tools
  • Comment anywhere, measure elements, and check copy in your files.
  • Compare files in multiple modes for efficient checks.
  • Review over 160 file types, including video, with smart proofing tools.
  • Add comments, measure elements, and check spelling, fonts, and colors in every file.
  • Compare files side-by-side in a variety of modes for impactful reviews.