Streamline Figma Projects with Brand Assistant

Let your creative operations thrive with the Brand Assistant plugin by Artwork Flow. Use brand elements and keep tasks moving without so much as switching a tab, so your teams are effortlessly on-brand, every time.

Why use Artwork Flow’s Brand Assistant?

  • Import assets seamlessly and complete projects faster than ever.
  • Maintain brand consistency with easy access to core brand assets.
  • Simplify project workflows with integrated task management.


  • Apply brand colors, fonts, and logos directly from your brand guidelines.
  • Search and filter assets with advanced options to find what you need instantly.
  • Upload completed designs directly to your Artwork Flow library.
  • Review 160+ file types — including video — with advanced proofing tools
  • Comment anywhere, measure elements, and check copy in your files.
  • Compare files in multiple modes for efficient checks.

How it works