Choosing the right platform is fundamental to managing your brand’s creative operations and digital assets.
Here we compare Frontify and Brandfolder to help you decide which one to pick.




Choosing the right platform is fundamental to managing your brand’s creative operations and digital assets.
Here we compare Frontify and Brandfolder to help you decide which one to pick.

Who’s Frontify for?

Marketing teams
Developer teams

Key features of Frontify

  • Creative collaboration with project overviews and approval workflows.
  • DAM to store and manage images, videos, logos, and docs.
  • Easily editable and accessible brand guidelines.
  • Digital and print templates for customizable and reusable brand templates.
  • Integrations with design, productivity, content management, and other tools.
  • Open developer toolkit to customize your brand with Frontify.

Who’s Brandfolder for? 

Brand managers

Key features of Brandfolder

  • Creative workflow with version control, rights management, and annotations.
  • Brand intelligence with auto tags, suggested tags, and asset analytics. 
  • Brand guidelines that are easily accessible and editable.
  • Content automation to customize content at scale.
  • Brand portal page that is highly customizable for quick access to everything. 
  • Integrations with smart sheet and other design and management tools.

What sets Frontify apart

Frontify offers a unified brand experience for your entire team with brand guidelines, templates, and workflow capabilities.
The digital and print templates enable anyone to create designs in a heartbeat and avoid repetitive design work. 

You can house your brand guidelines on the platform and make them as detailed as you wish with utmost creative freedom.

You get to share insider brand info and updates in the form of a newsletter so everyone is in the loop of any changes.

What sets Brandfolder apart

Brandfolder works as an all-in-one digital asset management platform with metadata management and intelligence for your brand assets.
Brandfolder’s portal works as a customizable webpage where you can curate content for marketing, sales, or external stakeholders for quick and easy access to anything they might need.

It allows you to house anything that your team requires and make it as unique and customizable as you want it to be.

What is the difference between Frontify and Brandfolder?

More features to consider
Brand guidelines with a built-in newsletter tool
Digital and print templates
Content automation 
Brand portals
Smart CDN
Brand intelligence
User rating
Ease of use
Customer service
User interface
Source: g2
User rating
Ease of use
Customer service
User interface
Source: g2

Frontify vs Brandfolder — The final scoop from our point of view

If branding is your main priority, then you can't go wrong with Frontify. The platform's design templates and customizable brand guidelines help with brand consistency every step of the way. With Frontify, you get to create your own brand platform.

Now here's where it gets interesting. Frontify is also a great platform for developers with its open developer toolkit. You can create content blocks to expand your brand platform and even connect to favorite tools with low-code widgets.

Brandfolder offers an insightful dashboard that works great for enterprises handling big projects. Brandfolder's content automation provides diverse template options that guarantee brand control, especially if you’re deploying new campaigns and product offerings.

For sizable enterprises venturing into new markets and pursuing expansion, the platform's automation and DAM (Digital Asset Management) can handle everything marketing and brand with extensive security features.

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