Structural & Experiential Design

Thoughtfully craft the material, form, shape and experience that you give to your customers

Building durable structural packaging designs without compromising the brand experience


Designing with insights

Our design strategists delve into your consumer's cultural, environmental, and emotional touchpoints to bring innovative ideas to the table. We go one step further by building functional mockups and testing it with focus groups.         


Enhancing packaging performance  

There is more to packaging than just the look of it. Packaging supports your business processes such as manufacturing, assembly, and filling lines too. With the right materials and addition of intuitive features, unlock structural packaging designs that significantly lower your production costs.


Designing for digital shelves

Expand your e-commerce footprint with structural packaging designs that will survive difficult and often long-distance transportation. Stand out from the crowd with product packaging built exclusively for your audience on e-commerce platforms. 

Gift packaging

Delightful unboxing experiences

If you own a consumer brand, there is no better way to wow your customers than building delightful gift hampers that are instagrammable! With our experts in paper pased packaging you can achieve exactly that and give your customers the unboxing experience that they deserve.

Have a packaging project?

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