Packaging Engineering & Development

Good packaging is complete only after solid engineering.

Building durable structural packaging designs without compromising the brand experience

Value Engineering

Build packaging that lasts the test of transportation and supply chain

Ensure longer shelf life and brand differentiation through ergonomic packaging. Our packaging engineers and designers collaborate and design packaging structures not only for unique user-experiences but also for durability of the product.


Mitigating risk with technology 

Our team has access to cutting-edge technologies that run the packaging design through complex digital simulations. With virtual testing, we can anticipate and resolve any structural issues before you launch the product.  

We use computer-aided engineering (CAE) techniques to simulate and optimize the shape, size, weight and performance of the packaging. The result is packaging that costs less, ships securely and has minimum impact on the environment.

Transport ready pack solution

Products damaged in the supply chain impact business revenue, both in the short and long term. Achieve transport ready packaging, backed by our team's understanding of technical problems, extensive material knowledge and, rigorous shock, and transit testing methods.

Mould development management

Optimizing the molding process  

Our packaging development team will work with you to examine your product, features, and market performance. With these insights and technical knowledge, they will work with vendors to produce functional molds. Our expertise ranges from single cavity to multi cavity mold which includes both Injection & blow moulded products.

Have a packaging project?

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