Product launch template

Streamline reviews, monitor project status, and declutter operations to go to market ahead of time. With Artwork Flow’s product launch template, your project can go from brief to launch in days instead of weeks.

Power every product launch with Artwork Flow

Launching a new product demands extensive collaboration and complete control over the process. 

Different teams need to work together to review every creative.

Operations can get complicated with multiple rounds of feedback involved.

Bottlenecks can be hard to identify without complete visibility into the project.

Artwork Flow’s product launch template is designed to help you manage every project with greater flexibility and efficiency.

Centralize feedback and notify stakeholders in real time.

Set up specific reviews by your team and individuals at every stage.

Stay updated on your project status and notify stakeholders involved in tasks.

Why you need this product launch template

Adaptable workflows

Update the workflow based on your operations and make life easier for your teams.

Simplified operations

Eliminate redundancies and ensure tasks are completed with greater efficiency.

Improved transparency

Know what’s happening with your project at any time and keep things moving.

How to use Artwork Flow’s product launch template


Select the template

Visit Projects from Artwork Flow’s dashboard and create a new project. Here, you will find a collection of predefined templates designed to address specific requirements. Select the template named ‘Product Launch’ to proceed.


Define your project

Add details to outline the scope and timeline of your product launch. Set a due date and description for your project and choose which of the template’s configurations you’d like to include in your project.


Set up your workflow

Add assignees to each of the tasks listed in your template. You can also modify the workflow where necessary to accommodate your organization’s requirements.


Start your project

Once you’ve finalized all of your project details, you can launch your project. You will be able to monitor the status of each task and the progress of your project from the Task List within the project page.