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Artwork Flow ensures that you comply with all FDA regulations and abide by the CBD product labeling and packaging requirements in the recently legalized CBD markets. With this CBD and hemp label management software, you can proof labels, collaborate across teams, ensure seamless multi-stage approvals, and go to market faster.

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Abide by FDA regulations with checklists

Ensure regulatory compliance according to the FDA, Farm Bill, the FD&C, and CSA as per state regulations using checklists. Cannabis label management software such as Artwork Flow help your review team to easily check labels before launches.
Artwork management software with Custom Workflow

Use custom workflows

Set up a workflow that matches your organization’s processes and hold your team members accountable to launch artworks on time.

Centralize asset management

Use a searchable asset management library to store all your labels, stickers, cartons, boxes, and other packaging artworks. Ensure you never lose an asset again with the help of hemp artwork management software such as Artwork Flow.
Artwork Label Management with Asset Library
Artwork Version Control for CBD/ Hemp Products

Keep your brand message consistent with checklists

With reusable workflow and checklists, plus a suite of tools that allow you to compare content across components, easily ensure brand consistency in all your labels.

Maintain an audit trail

Use powerful version control features and access a history log of all your project activity to ensure traceability and accountability within your team.
Artwork Version Control for CBD/ Hemp Products

Track progress with powerful reporting

Leverage powerful reports to analyze data related to your project, user-related metrics, workflows, and more.

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